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Communication Consulting & Coaching

 Find out your                                      right now:

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Consulting & Communication Trainings

The Communication Assessment and Character-Talk Seminars are exciting tools for today’s businesses and places of worship.  They empower you with an approach that is simple, yet deeply revealing.  Standard profiling tools utilize a quadrant approach which, in effect, put people in a box.  On the contrary, the Communication Assessment we use is a revolutionary approach to solving interpersonal issues that is multi-dimensional in scope and gives people the tools and solutions needed to communicate effectively and efficiently.

What you can expect after the profile and Character-Talk seminar:

  • strengthening of relationships

  • enhancement of team dynamics

  • encouragement in character development

  • conflict resolution skills

  • helping diverse cultures work together with respect

  • team building

  • identifying areas of growth

The Seminar/Workshops may include:

  • The Character-Talk Basic Seminar: Introduction of the Life Languages™ and use of the profile 

  • Personalized Binder for every attendee including their individual profile, note syllabus, reference materials.

  • Presentation mixed with interactive hands-on activities

  • Causes of internal/external Conflicts

  • Training in understanding language differences

  • Pictorial graphs of your teams’ communication demographics (optional)

  • Specialized CrossTalk/CrossTie analysis and index of specified group (optional)

  • Ongoing training workshops targeting specific development areas such as marriage, family, young adults, and leadership development.


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